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We are looking for Swimming Teachers to join our team


Vic Forman, Little Swim Company

We are looking for swimming teachers to join our team.

Our swimming lessons in North Somerset are proving so popular, that we are looking for energetic, fun and enthusiastic swimming teachers to join the team.

We teach Monday, Wednesday and Friday after school and Saturday mornings. You don’t have to be an expert swimmer, but if you love swimming and feel that you could inspire children to do the same, please get in contact with Vic or myself.

How to train as a swimming teacher / What qualifications do I require to become a swimming teacher?

If you are interested in training as a swimming teacher, the first place to look for information on the training & qualifications required is the Amatuer Swimming Association (ASA) or Swimming Teachers Association (STA). Both run their own programme of training which typically include 2 levels, which I have outlined below.

STA Award & Certificate

The STA run courses all over the country and each course takes approximately 4-5 days to complete. In order to take the STA Award you must also have completed a PEP Award (Swimming Pool Rescue Skills), but this is often incorporated on the first day of the STA Award course.

STA Award aims to produce teachers that can teach up to 10 beginners and can also act as an assistant swimming teacher and can teach larger classes or advanced skills under the direct supervision of a swimming teacher qualified to certificate level.


STA Certificate aims to prepare holders to teach, without supervision pupils of all levels.


ASA UKCC Level 1 & 2 Award

ASA UKCC Level 1 Award (QCF)  – The first qualification you require for any discipline is the ASA LEvel 1 Award. If successful at Level 1 you can then proceed to Level 2. Both these levels focus on ‘how to teach/coach’ and ‘what to teach/coach’ The holder of an ASA Level 1 Award is qualified to teach / coach in a support role only.


 ASA UKCC Level 2 Certificate (QCF) – to work on you own without supervision (other than lifeguarding cover) you will be required to hold an ASA Level 2 Certificate. This will provide you with the skills, knowledge, tools and techniques to effectively plan, prepare and deliver teacher / coaching sessions.


Between these two courses, I would recommend getting as much experience as possible by volunteering either down at your local swimming club or sports centre. This is one of the best opportunities you will have to learn from other teachers. Seeing other teachers teach is not only great for picking up teaching practises, but also to learn of games / fun activities you can use to improve your lessons.

Happy teaching 🙂

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Little Swim Company is getting BIGGER



Vic and I are delighted to announce that we have not one, but three new hydro (warm water) pools across Bristol and close to Weston Super Mare.

St Christophers School, Wesbury Park, Bristol, BS6 7JE

This is a lovely warm pool heated to 32 degrees (toasty), with spacious warm changing rooms maintained to the highest standard. It is conveniently located close to Clifton Downs and Westbury Park, with plenty of on street parking available.

We will be starting baby and toddler swimming classes on a Friday and a Monday lunchtime early November.

We are running a special introductory offer

**12 weeks for the price of 10**

New Hydro Pool in the Old Bristol North Baths, Gloucester Road, St Andrews, BS7 8BE

Due to be completed for January 2014. This is a state of the art hydrotherapy pool and perfect for teaching babies and toddlers. We can’t wait to start teaching in this lovely pool, which is perfectly situated on the Gloucester Road, Bishopston.

Classes are due to start early January 2014 and we will have sessions running on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Sandford Station Care Home, Sandford, North Somerset, BS25 5AA

This is an excellent hydrotherapy pool, with spacious warm changing rooms and conveniently located about 10 minutes from Weston Super Mare.

Lessons  for babies and toddlers are due to start mid October on a Thursday morning at 10.30am.

We are going to be very busy and may need to clone ourselves. On that note; we are looking for some new wonderful teachers. So if you love swimming and enjoy inspiring children to do the same – please get in contact with us.

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Waterlog – A Swimmer’s Journey through Britain

During the long summer days, I have been reading “Waterlog – A Swimmer’s Journey through Britain” by Roger Deakin. It explores the sheer joy of outdoor swimming, from rivers, tarns and lochs to lidos, dykes and flooded quarries. Not only does Deakin celebrate ‘the magic of the water’ but he covers subjects as diverse as the health benefits of cold water immersion to Hell’s Angels’ tombstoning from a bridge in the Peak District! Deakin is fascinated by the natural world he finds on the riverbank and the swimmers (and their stories) who frequent these outdoor water spots.

It reminds me that although swimming is an essential life skill, it also opens the doors to a myriad of other spaces, cultures and experiences. It makes me want to go out and swim in the river next to my home and plan a trip to swim between the Isles of Scilly (maybe next summer?!)…….

If you are interested in outdoor swimming, take a look at the Outdoor Swimming Society website for ideas: www.outdoorswimmingsociety.com/

Even if swimming outdoors (with what lies beneath!) is not your thing, this book is a wonderful journey through the watery parts of the British Isles.

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