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Children FAQ

How do I know which level my child should be in?

If your child is a non swimmer they will be starting in our level 1 class. If they are already swimming or transferring from another swim school, please contact the office to organise an assessment and we will inform you of the relevant class for you child.


Our dates coincide with the school term. Please have a look at our ‘when & where’ page for full details of start dates and holidays.

What about illness?

It is not advisable to swim if your child has had a bad cold or ear / chest infection. If they have had sickness or diarrhea, please wait 1 week from symptoms clearing. If in any doubt, please contact your health professional.

Special needs and disabilities

We welcome all children and parents.

Can I take photos?

Sorry, but we can’t allow people to use their own cameras in the pool area, as it can be distracting and to protect the privacy of our other children and parents.

What qualifications and insurance do you hold?

We are all fully trained swimming teachers with either the STA or ASA. Each swimming teacher has their own personal insurance through their professional body and we also hold swim school insurance.

If you have a question we haven’t answered, please drop us a line at info@littleswimcompany.com and we’ll do our very best to help.