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Waterlog – A Swimmer’s Journey through Britain

During the long summer days, I have been reading “Waterlog – A Swimmer’s Journey through Britain” by Roger Deakin. It explores the sheer joy of outdoor swimming, from rivers, tarns and lochs to lidos, dykes and flooded quarries. Not only does Deakin celebrate ‘the magic of the water’ but he covers subjects as diverse as the health benefits of cold water immersion to Hell’s Angels’ tombstoning from a bridge in the Peak District! Deakin is fascinated by the natural world he finds on the riverbank and the swimmers (and their stories) who frequent these outdoor water spots.

It reminds me that although swimming is an essential life skill, it also opens the doors to a myriad of other spaces, cultures and experiences. It makes me want to go out and swim in the river next to my home and plan a trip to swim between the Isles of Scilly (maybe next summer?!)…….

If you are interested in outdoor swimming, take a look at the Outdoor Swimming Society website for ideas: www.outdoorswimmingsociety.com/

Even if swimming outdoors (with what lies beneath!) is not your thing, this book is a wonderful journey through the watery parts of the British Isles.