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FAQ Covid-19 – Sept 2021 update

With the Government guidelines regarding social distancing and self isolating having changed, we are pleased to announce that our teachers will be able to be back in the water for all relevant levels and we will be restarting several of the teaching practices and activities, we have been unable to do over the past 12 months. However with Covid rates still high, we will be continuing with some of the procedures already in place, to help maintain a safe teaching environment for everyone.

What is the procedure for arriving?

Our Pool

The one way system around the building will continue, so whenever possible please arrive swim ready, in order that we can prioritise the changing rooms for wet swimmers to use after class.

Please follow the one way system through to poolside and wait by your teaching station, as directed by the Little Swim Company poolside assistant. The swimming instructor will call your child over to the poolside at the start of the class.

Poolside is incredibly warm, so we highly recommend not coming through to poolside until your child’s class is about to start.

Please follow the one way system through the changing room to exit the building.

When your child’s swimming lesson is about to finish, please re-enter the reception area and follow the one way system onto poolside to collect your child.

Cheddar Woods

Please arrive swim ready, in order that we can prioritise the changing rooms for wet swimmers to use after class.

To minimise congestion on poolside and at the changing room entrance, we would recommend not coming through to poolside until your child’s class is about to start. The swimming instructor will collect your child from the designated collection point at the start of their class.

Please exit through the changing rooms and you can watch your child swim from the cafe area.

Will there be someone there to show me what to do and where to go?

There will be a Little Swim Company poolside assistant at all our sessions. They will be there to show everyone where to go and to give you any further information you require.

Can my child use the showers?

Due to the very high rates we are currently experiencing and the highly transmissible nature of the new variant – we have decided to close the showers. This will prevent congestion, in what is a small unventilated space. We will review this next month.

Will we be able to use the changing rooms?

The changing rooms are prioritised for wet swimmers, so please arrive swim ready for your class if possible.

Are spectators allowed to stay and watch?

The spectator area at Our Pool is still currently closed, due to the lack of space to accommodate everyone safely, but we will review this later in the term. We will run half termly ‘Parents on Poolside’ sessions, so that you can see how much your progress your child has made and discuss with the instructor the skills they will be focussing on.

Can parents remain on poolside?

Only carers of children in Little Swim classes or those with a medical condition, are permitted to remain on poolside. However, we are aware that children can be a bit nervous returning to the pool and potentially meeting a new teacher, so we are happy for you to remain for a few weeks until they settle.

Do I have to wear a face covering?

We will continue to encourage the use of face coverings (adults only) for everyone’s safety.

What cleaning procedures have we put in place?

Our Pool are continuing with their enhanced cleaning routine and our poolside assistant will ensure the changing rooms / toilets are regularly cleaned with antiviral spray.

Teaching kit & goggles

Each teacher will have their own specific kit, which they are responsible for disinfecting after every session. Between classes the kit will be well rinsed in the pool water as chlorine is an effective disinfectant as per ASA guidelines. Please bring goggles for your child to each lesson as we are no longer allowed to lend goggles.

My child has a high temperature or another symptom of Covid 19?

Do not attend your class and follow Government guidelines.


If you are awaiting a test result for your child, please do not attend a class until you have a negative result.

If classes get suspended again following Government advice, will I get my money back for any cancelled classes?

If swimming pools or schools are instructed to close and our lessons have to be terminated, we will credit you for any cancelled sessions.
Please contact Helen who is the COVID officer should you require any further information.
Email link here: hello@littleswimcompany.co.uk