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Meet The Team

Little Swim Company was set up to provide swimming lessons which have enjoyment, success and teaching excellence at the core.


Helen Brown I have had a lifelong love affair with water, as a competitive swimmer and a keen surfer.  Most of my happiest childhood memories revolved around water; sailing, swimming and making up synchro routines(badly).
Favourite place: Malpais, Costa Rica – perfect waves on a tropical beach


Vic Forman, Little Swim CompanyI learnt to swim when I was 3 years old and began swimming competitively at 9. For me swimming has unlocked the door to so many other activities and provides a great fun environment for my family. It’s one of the few activities that all four of my children aged between 4 and 16, all universally adore.
Favourite food: Not technically food, but I could not live without coffee…


Ella I have always loved swimming, and being around water from paddleboarding to surfing. So when I got the opportunity to be able to teach swimming to others – I couldn’t think of doing anything better! It’s amazing to see how quickly children progress and their smiling faces!
Favourite animal: Giraffe


Sarah1Growing up as a keen sailor, I spent lots of time around water and swimming has always been a big part of my life. Watching my boys learn to swim inspired me to train as a swimming teacher, combining my previous career within special needs education and my love of the water.
Favourite food: Chocolate
Favourite animal: Dog


IMG_1477Swimming is part of life… at least it should be! It’s healthy, it’s physical and it’s fun… and being able to do it it, might one day save your life. I think all kids deserve to learn to swim and having watched my own children start swimming from a young age, I was inspired to train to be a swimming instructor myself.
Favourite animal: Horse


NickFaubelI love swimming and I especially enjoy the unique thrill of open water swimming. A keen triathlete, my ambition is to qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. That tropical sea looks so much more inviting than a cold day in the Hunstpill River!
Favourite place: Alaska on my honeymoon!


katejonesI love working with children and I love being active and in the water, so being a swimming teacher is a perfect job for me. Learning to swim and being safe in the water is something I believe every child should have the opportunity to do.
Favourite animal: can’t choose, horse and dog!!!


I am a water-baby. I am happy in the water so when the opportunity arose to train and teach others my passion I said yes. Swimming is a skill everyone should have.
Favourite animal: My Dogs.


As a big kid myself, when I realised I could combine my love for being in the water and helping young people, I jumped at the opportunity! Swimming is something everyone should feel comfortable and have fun with.
Favourite place: Anywhere abroad where there is water!


Throughout my childhood I’d always be in the sea no matter what the season – the temperature never stopped me! Summing up my childhood memories would include boating, being on the beach, sea swimming and paddleboarding!
Favourite food: I love everything!