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Swimming products we love…



Our clients are always asking us which googles, swimming aids we would recommend and so we thought we would put together a list of the products we love.

Goggles – I really like the mask style, as they are much more comfortable and generally form a better seal. They have easily adjustable straps, which means there is no fuss taking them on and off. The one thing I would say against the Aquasphere goggles is that they do tend to start steaming up, where as Zoggs seem to have found the winning formulae to prevent this.



Kids swimming costumes and trunks – Without doubt the best swim wear is the Speedo Endurance range – it is amazing! I have had some of my costumes for years and the fabric has never even started to disintegrate. They are not the most exciting swimsuits, but they keep their form and elasticity perfectly.



Wetsuits – Some children obviously feel the cold more than others and being warm and comfortable in the water has a big effect on a how much a child enjoys their class and how quickly they progress. A lot of wetsuits are just too cumbersome for swimming in, but the Aquasphere Kids Stingray is fantastic. It has a warm neoprene body for keeping little ones warm, but with fabric arms and legs to make swimming effortless. Make sure you buy the correct size (it should be fairly snug), but they last for a couple of years and are perfect for holiday too.

Hats – If you find your child’s goggles are continually falling down the back of their head, it is probably due to the conditioner in their hair. A hat works wonders at keeping goggles in the correct position and obviously also stop hair falling into the face whilst swimming. The silicon hats are worth the extra pennies, as there is no pull on the hair and the inevitable squeals! I love these character versions, as they can’t help to bring a smile to your face.


 Swimming aids – This is a question we get asked a lot, particularly when parents are planning a holiday. Armbands are obviously useful if you are managing a number of children in the pool at one time, but they are not great at encouraging a good swimming position. Woggles are better, but they are rather long if you are trying to squeeze one into your suitcase. The very clever people at SplashAbout came up with fings, which we now use in our classes. They are much shorter than a woggle and a lot more comfortable for children to swim with.  They come in 3 sizes for babies, toddlers and pre school.

*These are not a buoyancy device – please watch your children at all times when they are in or around water*